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April 21, 2004

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Authentic Indonesian adventure happens on the sea. We board a boat that sails to 5 islands in 5 days. We'll sleep on deck with our Indonesian crew. Other tourists join us, 4 people from Holland and one Briton. On deck we carry four chickens which we assume will be dinner, not mascots, although they are white, fluffy, and cute. We'll be fishing too, but if we don't catch anything the chickens will go fast (they look nervous, fluttering around the deck). The humanitarian side of our personalities nagged at us that we should tell the chickens to escape, but then reality set in - can chickens swim?
Our one masted ship looks somewhat seaworthy, although it creaks on every wave.
Besides some impromptu stops for snorkeling or exploring uninhabited islands, the major anchorages will be at Sumbawa, Komodo, Flores, Rinca, and Moyo islands.
All new shipmates must walk the plank off a 30 foot high mast.
We stop at an acre sized, deserted beach speck in the ocean, for what else, a game of volleyball.
The volleyball match devolves into karaoke singing. The Indonesians introduce us to some of their songs like "Brown Girl in the Ring" while we try to sing some good American songs like "Hotel California" (good thing the Indonesians know that one too).