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June 6, 2003

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We're still foolish enough to hike up mountains. Worse yet, we have to pay for it. All visitors to the Inca Trail must hire guides (a new regulation implemented in 2000 to control the overwhelming horde of tourists that come here). The price isn't too bad, $145 for a four day guided hike, all meals included, as well as a few porters to carry cooking equipment and tents (the park fee is also included - $70). If you want a porter for your personal things, that costs an extra $50. We're too cheap to hire a personal porter, a decision we regretted.
It's hard to find the beginning of the trail, very authentic looking. We start along the railway track at km 88.
Uggh, no one warned us that the Andes don't have escalators. We walked over 10 kilometers on the first day.
Walk three kilometers, hang a right at the Llactapata ruins, then walk six kilometers, another right at the Huayllabamba village, then 3.5 kilometers, ask for the Llulluchupampa campsite - at least the names are easily spoken and memorable.
Can I talk this cow into carrying my pack?