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April 18, 2003

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From Livingston, travelers use a route called the 'jungle trail' to reach Honduras, which is supposed to be a challenging overland adventure. Improving infrastructure has tamed the jungle trail yet we want to try it anyway. Our day starts with a water taxi ride to Puerto Barrios (2 hours) and then a taxi to the border (a taxi on the jungle trail?). To be honest we don't see much jungle, but the Honduran border is one of the most slimmed down ones we've ever seen - just a sign and dirt road. From here we hitch a ride with a nice Honduran couple who take us down the bumpy, unpaved backroads that lead us to San Pedro Sula, a sizeable town in the Honduran interior.
And so begins Honduras
Easter decorations festoon the road - we don't know whether to drive over it or take a picture.
San Pedro Sula, the 2nd most populous city of Honduras, deserted for Easter. That means we're stuck here for a day.