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The highway system between Senegal and Mali has been built by goats and cattle. Man has made no further improvement. We follow a bumpy goat track eastward. At the mud brown border town of Kidera we crossed the Senegal river into Mali. This country is West Africa's main attraction for tourists. Visitors come to see the famous mud mosque at Djenne and the remote town of Timbuktu. We have many miles to go before we reach these places.
The Senegal river forms the border with Mali. Border guards don't like you to take pictures, they'll confiscate any cameras they see, but we foolishly risked a taking a shot of canoes on the river. These are the only objects of interest, so we wonder why the border guards are so interested in keeping this place a secret.
First major stop in Mali: Kayes. The people are much more colorful and interesting than the architecture.
Most street vendors are friendly but picture shy. This person, however, didn't mind having her picture taken. She's hoping to be 'discovered' on the Internet.
Typical Mali landscape. Wonder why the people here build their homes from mud? Because there is so damn much of it lying around.