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Under rainy skies we rode for 30 km. Even in the rain we enjoyed the scenery which is similar to America's west. It may seem strange but Mongolia does a better job of recreating America's "Old West" than America itself. Grasslands stretch to the horizon in every direction, untamed by fences, ranches, or housing developments. The few roads are made from jeep ruts instead of carriage ruts. Besides landscape similarities, Mongolia has a nomadic culture, a horse-based society, that is reminiscent of the American Indians. Mongolians look like American Indians, and they live in gers, a round tent that is the teepee's cousin. These are imperfect comparisons but we believe you must come to Asia to find the best facsimile of America's old frontier land. Mongolia has one of the word's lowest population densities (1 or 2 persons per sq. km), so we don't see many people out in the countryside. However, whenever we stop for a picnic or break, someone eventually rides up to investigate in a friendly way. A neighborly atmosphere thrives on Mongolia's vast grasslands.
Stop near a ger and its habitants are sure to pay you a friendly visit. Just serve them tea and smile. You can also visit their ger for some fermented mare's milk or goat cheese, local delicacies. The people here are extremely hospitable.
Milking sheep.
Wild camel herd - fun to chase on horseback