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We enjoyed another easy day in Tallinn. We don't understand why Estonians feel they need an extra 'n' or 'l' in Tallinn; the country isn't large so maybe it's overcompensation. We read history to learn about Estonia's past. Like the other Baltic states, Estonia has not experienced much independence. Sweden, Poland, and Russia have all ruled this land. Estonia just gained independence from Russia 10 years ago and since then Estonia joins anything European and avoids anything Russian: NATO and the European Union are top priorities for Estonia. We've heard that because they don't take independence for granted, Estonians are fiercely nationalistic. Maybe so, but the atmosphere in Tallinn is relaxed.
Cool digs in Tallinn.
Your daily dose of a Russian church - one of the few Russian-looking things in Tallinn's old town.
Since we were out touring all day, Jill missed her chance to shop in the central square; all part of my master plan to preserve the bank account