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We chose Welgelegen Guest House in Cape Town for a long 4 night stop-over. This place offers a comfortable Bed & Breakfast atmosphere, luxury apartment-like suites, and a huge bathtub. Very relaxing. Driving is another matter. Everything is on the wrong side. Shifting with the left hand, accidentally flipping on windshield wipers instead of the turn signal, going the wrong way around a rotary. We're a road menace. In the first few minutes of driving I hit a light pole; sheered off the passenger side mirror because it wasn't natural not to be on the leftmost part of the lane. Ah well, good thing it's just a rental. One more thing: if you ask for directions around here, traffic lights are called "robots." 
Jill talked to these African penguins. Not sure what she said, but they seemed to listen.
Somehow, we managed to drive down to the Cape of Good Hope and make it there in one piece (but a car mirror short).