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We started the day with a horseback ride. It seems to be all or nothing around here, so we weren't surprised when the horseriding camp gave us a choice between two rides: "novice" or "experienced." We chose experienced, not because we knew how to ride horses which we didn't, but because it gave us a chance to ride in a gamepark with wild animals. An experienced ride required the ability to gallop without falling off. We said, "No problem." Besides, we thought we could hold onto the neck strap for dear life if needed; that thought turned out to be prophetic. I was running the videotape when Jill rode by a bull elephant that charged at her. Even though we seemed tall on horseback, the elephant dwarfed us and since size matters, we galloped away in a hurry. The elephant trumpeted (in victory?) as we left. Later, we rode over a hill into a buffalo herd. The herd went into a defensive horseshoe formation, heads lowered and horns pointed. We backed off and kept our distance. In the afternoon we continued our day by going bungi jumping. Terrifying. But the anticipation was much worse than the actual jump. The first jump we took together. The bungi company offered a free second jump as a special promotional campaign. We couldn't refuse something free. Damn them! 
Jill bravely stands her ground... 
for a second, then retreats. I was about to step in, but our guide did first (lucky for that elephant).
She's smiling because she hasn't seen the buffalo behind her yet