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This morning we left Paris to visit the Middle East. Reflecting on our Europe trip, it's hard to name a favourite spot because the entire experience was consistently good. Some things were above our expectations: Belgian food, Switzerland scenery, and the French Riviera. Overall though, our favorite moments were: biking along the Rhine, wandering through London, Amsterdam, and Paris most of all. Now we're in Turkey and it's already culture-shock, punctuated by the call to prayer that reverberates through the streets a few times a day. We love the change - it excites our interest for something new. The people have been extremely nice so far, helping us figure out the bus and tram system. The only annoying thing has been the carpet sellers, who pester us as we walk by their storefronts which seem to be on every corner. Do we look like people who need a carpet? If they only knew how small our place was in California, they wouldn't ask.
Istanbul's backstreets. As usual, lost again...