Rwanda, Gorilla Tracking for $250
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How much did it all cost?

Road to Siwa, hotel for $1 a night
Under $1 per night: Desert Rose Hotel - Siwa, Egypt

We spent approximately $18,000 per year to cover all expenses for two people. This figure includes all accomodation, food, transportation, visas, health insurance, and miscellaneous expenses. This is actually not bad considering everything included in our total expenses. Insurance plans like health and life insurance come important in major exploring trips. It is best to be secured. Luckily we didn't incur any huge costs due to unforseen accident or illness.

Where are the cheapest places to visit?
Not a simple question; many times you get what you pay for. Some places were so cheap because there was nothing to do or see. Here are the best values within each region:

Africa - It's challenging to find affordable safaris in Africa. Best value: Ethiopia, Mali, Ghana, Malawi, and Madagascar.

Asia - India provides the most for the least.

Central and South America - Central and South America can be inexpensive. Best values: Nicaragua, Ecuador and Brazil.

Eastern Europe - Currently cheaper than Western Europe but probably not for long. Best value: Romania and Macedonia (Lake Ohrid).

Soviet Republics - Best value: Ukraine, Turkmenistan (where else can you take a commercial airflight for less than $3), and Kyrgyzstan.

Where are the most expensive places to visit?

Africa - Africa can be very expensive. Animal lovers think it's well worth it: Uganda and Rwanda (tracking Gorillas), Zimbabwe (Canoeing down the Zambezi), Kenya (Masai Mara Game Reserve - luxury resort).

Asia - Asia is inexpensive except for Japan, Singapore, and Brunei.

Central and South America - Countries within Central and South America ranged in price. Costa Rica and Peru have unlimited adventure possibilities.

Eastern Europe - Our most expensive countries within Eastern Europe had no tourism (only business hotels) or too much tourism (inflated prices). Most expensive countries are Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Soviet Republics - Except for Moscow and St Petersburg, cheaper than Eastern Europe.