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March 25, 2004

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We're on a quest to find the Borneo of our imagination, filled with wild animals, impenetrable jungle, untouched beaches. Sitting around Kuching under the shadow of a Hyatt hotel can't be the answer, so we take a public bus which leads to a dock where we find a speedboat heading downriver, into a bay, towards the interior of Bako National Park.
No roads find their way here. A boat drops us on a deserted tidal flat. We walk inland to a campground situated in the middle of a rainforest. Borneo at last!
The welcoming crew - a proboscis monkey. Females of this species love a big nose, so this must be one attractive guy.
Not exactly 'untouched' jungle. We don't think Raffles used a boardwalk in his exploration.
Mosquitos around here view you as a walking buffet - stay in your tent at night.