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March 22, 2004

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We've discovered several things about Singapore that surprised us. To the positive, most taxi drivers seem to drive passengers straight to their destination. To the negative, electronics stores seem to be very corrupt. We don't think many tourists can get a fair deal on digital cameras or computers - shops seem to be colluding to raise prices significantly higher than those offered in the USA. Worse, the shop owners can be nasty if patrons don't buy. Several newspaper articles have documented cases of assault by shopkeepers on would-be customers. We experienced a few instances of verbal abuse ourselves (in response to a price question, one shopowner asked us if we were going to buy. When we answered we needed to hear the price first, he accused us of wasting his time and asked us to leave). Singapore needs to pass consumer protection laws, something that should happen soon. Until then our advice is to take your shopping dollars across the border to Malaysia.
Fed up with shopping, we had more fun attending a 'Bodyworlds' exhibition at Singapore's Expo Hall. Visitors learn anatomy by viewing preserved corpses (bodies donated to science).