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January 1, 2004

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We crossed the country overnight and arrived on Yangon's doorstep, exhausted. It's a hangover of sorts for New Year's morning. Yangon feels sleepy, leafy, behind the times but unconcerned about it. Walking around a laid back city is a good way to start the year.
Our families celebrated New Years at 1:00 PM Burmese time. At that hour we watched the sun's rays reflect off a golden paya rather than the big apple fall in New York.
Jill wears trousers while a man walks by in a skirt, an interesting omen for the New Year. Burmese call this skirt a 'longyi.' It's a practical piece of clothing. It can be used as a formal wedding outfit, a shower curtain in the fields, a baby cradle on the street, or tied ankle-to-ankle for climbing up coconut trees. It also feels cooler on a hot day.