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February 18, 2004

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From floating markets at Cantho, we kept boating along the Mekong. We visited fishing villages around Chau Doc and then continued upriver into Cambodia. The fishing houses bob on the river, suspended by empty drums that form a floating foundation which is anchored to the muddy floor. Beneath each house wire netting holds fish colonies. Fish farming comprises 15% of Vietnam's seafood. The waters within these cages churn from the tails of catfish thousands.
Mekong delta sailor.
Learning Arabic at a school for the Chams; it enables them to read the Koran's original text.
The Mekong delta presents many technical challenges. Houses must be erected on stilts in case of flood, and judging by the antennae forest, TV reception isn't a cinch either.
Bags on bikes for the border journey. These carry luggage through Chau Doc to boats that will take us upriver into Cambodia - a six hour journey. By nightfall we should reach Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia.