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April 23, 2004

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By early morning we docked at the main attraction: Komodo island. Here we crept ashore, looking for one of these man eating monsters (only a few tourists have ever been eaten, people aren't their favorite meal but they'll eat anything that they can catch). Park rangers meet disembarking passengers and come along as guides. Our guide arms himself with a stick, apparently the park is underfunded. Komodos feed during the cool dawn hours, a perfect time to see them active, which is great unless they're chasing you. I've got a blister on my foot so I walk with a limp. Uh-oh.
Jill closes in for a smooch.
The dragons grow up to 300 pounds. Saliva from their bite is toxic and incurable so treatment for a dragon bite is amputation.
After frolicking with dragons our boat drops us at red coral beach where the only threat is sunburn.
The boat always throws anchor in deep water - we've been swimming ashore.
The crew serves Indonesian arak, their form of rot gut, and we thought this was a Muslim, alcohol free country. Sailors around the world share the same religion, which is 100 proof.
The sky looks like an Islamic motif, star over moon.