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April 19, 2004

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It's more exciting to see what's underneath the waters around the island rather than exploring terra firma. Diving enthusiasts know these waters for world class undersea landscapes. We snorkel so much that fin blisters take over our heels and snorkel mask lines ring our eyes.

Three islands form the "Gili" chain: Trawangan, Meno, and Air. Our island, Trawangan, carries the reputation for the most active social life, the party island, and the highest level of infrastructure. In other words, it's possible to find electricity and air conditioning in the beach bungalows. The other islands are equally small. Meno's distinguishing mark is a salt pond in the island center. Air gives the "Robinson Crusoe" experience - nothing but sand and coconuts. A boat cruise gives us the sea perspective of the island chain, and from there is looks like a large wave could wash them away.

Windows, not undersea hatches, on glass bottom boats.
Snorkeling everyday, we know the reef enough to start naming its residents. Sea turtles bestow the best entertainment as they scrub the coral for food, not caring if snorkelers tag along.