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April 15, 2004

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Besides being the 4th most populace country, Indonesia is also the 15th largest in land area. Including the area covered by land and sea, Indonesia becomes twice the size of Australia. With so much to see we must leave Bali and expand our Indonesian horizons. Our next destination is Lombok, Bali's eastern neighbor, and what other way to travel on an island nation than by the sea? We don't have to lash together a raft because ferries connect all of the major islands on a daily basis. Some fast boats run between Bali and Lombok in under 2 hours, $30 per ticket, however, this is too expensive for our beach bum budget. We opt for the public ferry, a clunker that performs the journey in 6 hours for less than $2 per ticket.
Every space aboard a public ferry is a no-frills sleeping lounge. Instead of smoking or non smoking areas, it seems as if they offer several types: cargo class, refugee class, and basic class.