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April 6, 2004

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We arrived on Bali island and stayed in Kuta for four days in what many visitors call the tackiest region in Indonesia. The Kuta area condenses more hotels, shops, and bars per square inch than anywhere else on the island. Surfing schools kept us here - it takes that long to learn how to surf. When not riding the waves we're running from touts. It's almost impossible to avoid them on Kuta's tight alley streets. In ten steps we're asked "Where are you from?" at least once for each step. Our first exposure has taught us some Indonesian words: "Free looking" means "Buy something." "Friend" means "Buy something." And we also think "Hello" means "Buy something."
Waves lap Bali's shore in a way that's good for beginning surfers. I've turned the wrong way into an oncoming wave - oops!
Visit Bali to sunbathe, shop, surf, and any other recreational 's' word that comes to mind - it's Indonesia's most popular place for vacation living.