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September 10, 2003

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Each night our neighborhood keeps a routine. We put out our cookfire at 20:00. One hour later an elephant matriarch brings her cowherd to an acacia tree behind our tent. A few hippos march by at 22:00. At midnight a large, female hyena comes to our screen door and sniffs at us. We sit up and she brazenly stares back. Between 2:00 to 3:00 AM, the hippos munch around the tent. A small hyena visits at 4:00. Soon after that, two honey badgers scurry through camp. The sun rises at 5:45 and by now we're ready for a nap.
Nosy neighbors, the Cape Buffalo graze the grass in front of our tent
Waterbuck and elephant cover the backyard.
The female elephants with their calves present a formidable danger to hikers. A herd of them came towards us and we climbed a tree.
There is always an elephant watching the camp.
We hide in the tent to see how close they will come.