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September 7, 2003

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Here's our plan: we hitch a ride with James into Mana Pools National Park. He lends us some camping equipment and drops us off at a remote campsite where we'll try to survive on our own for one week. We carry about five days worth of food; fishing will make up the shortfall. All our drinking water will come directly from the Zambezi River (we've run out of iodine pills, so we'll drink it untreated). Best of all, the park regulations allow people to walk without a guide, so we can explore the surroundings. It's our version of "Survivor." Hopefully we won't have to squeeze water from elephant dung.
First night by ourselves and the locals come and check us out. Two honeybadgers run through the camp, a large female hyena sniffs the tent, and elephants make themselves at home.
.This freelance elephant offered to erect the tent but have you ever hired an elephant? It's difficult to negotiate with a 14,000 LB employee.
We pitch our tent under a mahogany tree at the campsite called 'BBC.' No neighbors for us to ask for help, although the warthogs nearby seem friendly.
Preparing dinner: (step 1) start a fire; (step 2) avoid crocodiles and hippos, go to the river and fetch water; (step 3) fight off hissing ant invaders; (step 4) arrange fire, place pot of water in center, burn hands; (step 5) water boils over and puts out fire; (step 6) call for pizza delivery.