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September 6, 2003

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Since James drives back to Mana Pools National Park to conduct a safari, we tag along for a self-guided adventure. Mana Pools is the only National Park in Africa where anyone can walk and explore on foot without a professional guide or scout. It costs foreigners $15 US to enter the park and $30 US per person to camp.
Looking scruffy and smelling worse, we can't hide from these elephants that pick up our scent immediately.
This weekend volunteers conduct a 'game count' in Mana Pools - camouflaging their vehicles and counting any animal that wanders by during the day and night.
We pitch our tent next to the natural springs at Chitake, Mana Pools, an area renowned for lions and buffalo. Tomorrow we'll be on our own, so it's time for last minute training. Get ready to run!