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October 28, 2003

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From Aurangabad we go further towards India's geographical center to a pivotal city called Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a Muslim city of a Hindu state covered by Buddhist ruins. Identity crisis!
Hyderabad should be known by diamond lovers. The Kohinoor diamond (the fattest diamond of the British Crown jewels and the world) was mined here. With that kind of wealth you can imagine that Hyderabad enjoyed some glory years. Once called the City of Pearls (not diamonds?), the mighty Vijayanagar empire (oh yeah, them) built its riches around this area. No one out West remembers the Vijayanagars, but boy they sure found some first rate jewels.
Inside the fort a lot of people walked around that looked like extra's from a Bollywood movie. Wait a minute, they really are shooting a Bollywood movie here!
Hindu temples beat all others for cool artwork.