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October 27, 2003

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Still on an Indian religious kick, we toured the Ellora caves, carved by monks from three schools of belief: Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain. The cave carvings have stood for over 1000 years and have attracted more than just the odd bat.
We're suckers for superlatives, so when we heard that Ellora had the world's largest free standing building carved from one piece of rock, we knew we had to go and see it. The Kailasa "Temple of the Gods" (a Hindu structure) is the world's largest monolithic structure, built by 7000 laborers over a 150 year period.
Hang out with Buddha in a cave. Ellora has 34 rock cut caves, 12 Buddhist, 17 Hindu, and 5 Jain. Here the ancients practiced religious tolerance.
Ellora's builders didn't know how to think small.
Ellora's rock temple goes beyond words for scale and imagination.