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October 26, 2003

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Yesterday Buddhism, today Islam. We find Islamic influences in Aurangabad - a city named for the last of the great Moghuls, India's Muslim dynasty. They conquered India and ruled it for three hundred years before the British came and spoiled their fun. But the Moghuls left a legacy that affects modern world politics- they permanently planted Islam on the sub-continent which led to the creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Must be electrostatic current around my hair and over Aurangabad's fort.
Women wear black, girls wear color (and wave, too).
In Aurangabad we found a replica of the Taj Mahal. Almost as pretty and more private.
The simple grave site of Aurangzeb - the last great Indian Moghul. Aurangzeb eschewed pomp and luxury, that's why he directed his grave site to be a simple affair. Maybe he learned this from his father, Shah Jahan, who bankrupted India by building the Taj Mahal.