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October 21, 2003

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We made it to India! Instead of following our original plan - sailing on a freighter from Africa to India - we flew across the Indian Ocean (faster,easier, and not too expensive - $400 each). We arrived in Mumbai, 2:00 AM, stared at quiet yet not deserted streets (no street in India can ever be called deserted), and checked into a down-at-heel hotel on Khar Street.
Bombay's metro must carry more people per square inch than any other. This is India's most populous city, home for over 16 million people.
Cows love to direct traffic when they're not grazing.
Geometrically inclined cooking.
Bombay's version of Hollywood, a.k.a "Bollywood," draws the biggest film audiences. The movie producers often need foreign extras for background scenes. They send casting agents to the tourist areas. The main problem is that Bollywood directors depict Westerners as dimwitted fops in their films.