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November 1, 2003

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India stands unified today, but for most of it's history (dating before 1948) India was a patchwork of independent states and peoples. From Hyderabad we moved towards the west coast to a historically famous (famous in India, that is) place called Bijapur. This city once served as the capital of the Adil Shah kings - one of those ancient independent states. The town carries a strong Muslim influence, but it's also a centre of Shaivism, which emphasizes a single personalised God. Besides many independent states India supported a lot of independent religions too.
Place your own statue here, at the Ibrahim Rouza, a mausoleum for old kings of Bijapur. These guys spared no effort in building their graves.
Indians want to pose for a picture with Jill - she could make a living at it.
Bijapur's masterpiece - the Golgumbaz - the mausoleum for Adil Shah, a ruler of ancient Bijapur. It claims to be the second biggest dome in the world (after St. Peter's in Rome).