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May 17, 2003

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Only two hours north of Quito lies Otavalo, a town famous for it's Sunday market. We've seen a lot of markets around the world yet Jill's shopping sense keeps bringing us to these places for more action. The market dates back to pre-Inca times and the Otaveleņos still host it in their traditional dress. Otaveleņo men wear calf-length white trousers, rope sandals and llama wool ponchos. The women wear old fashioned business hats, colorful mantas (shawls), and enough necklaces to make a weightlifter gasp. Otaveleņos use handlooms to weave their clothes. Jill peruses the wool blankets, scarves, ponchos and tapestries. I price out pigs and goats.
How much for a pig in Peru? $25 for your average pig.
In Otavalo, many interesting people and shops but apparently no dentists.
She needs to sell a lot of stew to support her necklace-buying habit.