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May 2, 2003

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Honduras has a lot to offer - tropical islands, parks, and a little bit of history: Colombus first set foot on the American mainland in Honduras at the small town of Trujillo. Even so, this morning we decide to leave Honduras and keep heading south. Once again we take a long bus ride to the border, chatting with other travelers (most notably, a British aid worker who was born of Kenyan and English heritage, emigrated to the UK, and now lives in Nicaraqua), and reach a small town called Esteli, our first taste of Nicaragua. Besides the change from Honduran lempira to Nicaraguan cordoba, we don't notice any immediate differences.
A muddy river called the Río Choluteca divides Tegucigalpa in two. The Tegucigalpa district sits on the east side, holding the city center and more affluent districts; across the river lies Comayagüela, a poorer market area of cheap hotels and low housing. For once we spent a little more money and stayed in the better part of town.