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June 25, 2003

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We've experienced the Amazon from a boat, now it's time for us to embark into the jungle itself. We booked a cheap jungle tour, $30 US each per day, because the more expensive tours (that can range from $80 to $300 per day) still offer the same jungle. The cheap tour means that you must supply your own mosquito repellant.
The meeting of the tourist boats at the meeting of the waters. Near Manaus the ink black Rio Negro flows into the toffee colored Rio Solimoes at a place called, what else, the "meeting of the waters." It looks like a giant chemistry experiment.
Our jungle lodge sits on the Rio Negro. The dark, acidic waters cannot support mosquito larvae, so we can sit around without mosquito nets covering our bodies.
World famous Amazon fishing, all I can catch are small piranhas and a curidu fish that looks like a white eel. Smaller curidus are known to swim, or burrow, into any human orifice. That includes, gentlemen, your...ahem...let's just say you shouldn't go skinny dipping in the Amazon.