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June 19, 2003

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Our boat turns around, running with the river instead of fighting the current. We´re going East back to Iquitos. We've traveled three hundred miles upstream in four days, it will take two days to return with the current behind us. Judging by our jungle excursions from the boat, we prefer cruising the Amazon over walking thru the jungle for one main reason: less bugs. We see plenty of wildlife from the boat deck without being stung by wasps or eaten alive by mosquitos. Later on the trip we'll stay at a jungle lodge and see if that beats the riverboat.
Jill's jungle survival training: drinking water that seeps out of a cut vine. Don't keep your mouth open around this deadly little frog - the Poison Arrow Frog - which carries enough poison within it's skin to kill an adult human. The Indians use these frogs to poison their blowgun darts when they go monkey hunting.
The channel is narrow enough for us to sit on deck and watch the wildlife watch us float by.
Flowering Amazon. The leftmost picture is a Bromeliad (related to pineapple). In the middle drifts a raft-sized Victoria Lily (a three foot diameter) and it's watermelon-sized pink flower.
Amazonian village bar had a run of tourists.