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June 15, 2003

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From Iquitos we arranged a last minute Amazon cruise aboard a riverboat called the Arca. Few riverboats ply the waters this far up the Amazon. The Arca offers comfortable bunkbed cabins with private banos and the cook serves hearty meals; we won't be roughing it on our jungle excursion. We're cruising with nine other passengers, an eight man crew, and two naturalist guides. If you come last minute, you'll probably be able to arrange a good deal: we paid $395 per person for a six day cruise.
The Arca will sail up the Amazon, beyond its headwaters (where the Maranon and Ucayali rivers join to form the Amazon) to Pacaya Samiria, the second largest jungle reserve in Peru.
Amazonian kids seem to enjoy their childhood.
A public outhouse for people canoeing along the river.
We pass a few Amazonian villages. None of them have road links to the outside world yet they do have electricity, most with a mainstreet illuminated by street lamps. Laid back, friendly and curious locals watch us float by.