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June 12, 2003

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We keep bopping all over Peru; yesterday we returned to Lima from Nazca on an evening bus. Early this morning we flew to Iquitos, one of two ways to reach this city. It's deep in the Amazon jungle. Visitors must fly or float into town. Many towns of the Amazon are only connected by the river, but Iquitos is the world's largest city without any road links. It was once an oil and rubber boomtown, now it is Peru's gateway to the Amazon and jumping-off point for jungle excursions.
Amazon by air
Most vehicles in Iquitos are tri-cycle taxis. It costs 1.5 nuevo soles (about 40 US cents) to ride anywhere in town.
The Casa de Hierro (Iron House) designed by Eiffel. On the outside it's all iron and rivets, the interior is wood.