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June 11, 2003

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What is there to do in Nazca except contemplate these mysterious Nazca Lines? When, why, and who built these huge geometric designs that are only fully appreciated high in the air? Theories about the builders range from space men to astronomer Indians. Not much more is known about the timeframe, somewhere between 900 BC and 600 AD.
The designs are only visible from the air. Show up at the local airport and ride a four seater plane over the Lines for US$40. No appointments necessary.
The Lines within one design never cross each other which has led some people to believe that they were meant for people to walk in a religious procession (or that they were inscribed by people treading over and over along the ground).
Other people believe the Lines are meant to be earthly representations of the constellations, a calendar of the Indians who built them. Fanciful people think the Lines were drawn by aliens and claim that this humanoid figure is an alien astronaut.