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June 9, 2003

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If you follow the Inca Trail, you're rewarded at the end with a bird's eye view of Machu Pichu. We started at 4 am, following flashlights along a treacherous trail (we've heard that many hiking accidents have occurred here and in the dark it's no wonder). Our guide started us early for two reasons - to catch the first light on Machu Pichu and to let the porters make the 6 am train back to Cusco. For two hours we hiked in the dark and our recommendation for others is to skip the early morning routine and start later. Machu Pichu is covered in fog until 9 am. We sat on a mountaintop, overlooking the ruins, waiting for the fog to lift.
After the fog lifted we enjoyed an incredible view of Machu Pichu.
Machu Pichu is one of those places that looks better and better as you get closer.
What happened to acrophobic Incas?
Our guide and hiking group (from left, Jill, Saeed, Fran, Emma, James, and in frount our guide, Mileu).