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June 7, 2003

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When we hired our guide, she said the first day was easy (it wasn't), the second day strenuous (it was), the third day amazing (we hope), and the last day would be a grand finale at Machu Pichu. Today, the second day of our hike, we walked up and up for four hours, reaching our highest elevation at 4200 meters (yesterday we began at approximately 2000 meters), and then we walked down for another two hours.
The Incas left some ruins along the trail, the precursors of trucker stops, Howard Johnsons, and Econo lodges.
Finally, the top of the Inca Trail, 4200 meters. It's called the Warmiwanusca (Dead Woman's) Pass - Jill is smiling because we haven't told her what Warmiwanusca means yet.
Are we there yet? We're willing to believe this is Machu Pichu if we can turn back now.