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July 31, 2003

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Isalo National Park gained notariety in a National Geographic article for its lemur filled canyons rising amidst wheat colored grassland. We can't resist anyplace that National Geo recommends. And since getting here and away isn't easy on these one lane dust producers that local people refer to as roads, we decide to explore the park today on foot. We hiked 20 kilometers, following our cheerful guide Ferdinand, into the canyons of Isalo.
Half of the world's chameleons live in Madagascar. They're interesting to watch how they watch you, each eye moves independently of the other, swiveling to and fro on the end of cone projections. They're harmless but for some reason our guide, Ferdinand, all six feet two inches of him, is terrified of these reptiles.
A baby lemur holds onto Mom's tummy. For her part, Mom climbs all over the tree and seems oblivious to the little creature clinging on for its life.
Canyon wonderland.
Carrying dried fish to the market over many miles of parched grassland.