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July 23, 2003

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Our first full day in Antananarivo, Madagascar, which is a city that's long on name but short on infrastructure. Little French cars, Renault models of the 50's and 60's and looking like tin sardine cans with wheels, crowd the streets. Rice paddies run along the road into the city. Since Indonesians first settled Madagascar, the country's roots are more Asian than African. We see a mix of these ethnicities in the faces of most people.
None of Africa's carnivores, herbivores, or poisonous snakes found their way across the 400 kilometer wide channel that separates Madagascar from the African mainland. Madagascar's most famous residents are lemurs, a unique mammal species that is distantly related to Africa's bush babies. These ring tailed lemurs wear a permanent, goggle-eyed expression of surprise.
This looks like a lemur but it is something quite different - a fosa (pronounced foosha) that is one of the few carnivores on the island - it preys upon lemurs as its main source of food.
Fuzzy fosa bait.