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July 15, 2003

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From Johannesburg we rented a car, swept thru Pretoria, the nation's capital, drove east cross country and overnighted in Nelspruit. Tomorrow we plan to visit Kruger National Park. We've had a few interesting conversations with South Africans, enough to broach the topic about race relations. A mid-fifties, white South African couple, who lived during the height of apartheid (he served in the SA army), told us about their feelings of the current situation. They predict 6 or 7 more years of peace before a "revolution" occurs; the revolution will result in the expulsion of whites from their land. "We hold our breath that Mandela lives," they said, because they believe he is the only person holding back this 'revolution.' Not everyone agrees with this outlook but we've met a few other South Africans who have made the same predictions. With these kind of sentiments, no wonder real estate prices are bargain basement.
Jill wears a bullseye on her shirt, the safety guy didn't like that.
Pretoria, named after a famous Afrikaner who fought the English during the Dutch uprisings against British colonial rule.
Pretoria serves as South Africa's administrative capital.