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February 19, 2003

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Pushkar is the hippy spot in Rajasthan. Backpackers with Rastafarian hairdos hangout on every streetcorner. Hindu temples and ghats, stairways that lead into the water, surround a small lake, stadium style. At the water's edge, flower power priests hand out lilies for you to throw in and purify your karma. The atmosphere induces you to nap or simply dropout, dude. A peacenik place like this doesn't allow alcohol or meat. Cooks get creative, offering spaghetti bolognaise with soy bean substitutes or eggless omelettes.
Don't take flowers from priests (probably fake priests) by the water's edge. They give you a flower, ask you toss it in the lake, and then charge an outrageous sum to complete this 'holy act.' Bad karma.
Leave a window open and a monkey may climb in.