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December 23, 2003

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Treks around Kalaw vary from one day hikes to one week death marches into the surrounding hills. Although a death march recreates an authentic historical experience of Burma, we choose the one day hike because that matches our current fitness level. We want to be overwhelmed by exotic ethnicity. A tribal array lives in these hills: Palaung, Black Karen, Intha, Shan, Taungthu, Taungyo. Danu, Kayah, Danaw, and Bamar.
Palaung women wear blue and red as a distinguishing costume. It's the same concept as team uniforms.
The Pa-O wear dark blue or indigo costumes. In these hills women will weave a bag to order.
The Palaung live in 'long houses.' Inside, each family stakes a territory without walls. Everyone is a nosy neighbor.
Don't be caught in the flower garden; you might have to buy a bouquet.