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December 20, 2003

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From Bago we endured an overnight bus ride that dumped us on a lake shore in time for the sunrise. The tourist bureau predicts that this lake, Inle Lake, will impress any visitor. The lake is 22 km long and the Burmese have converted it into a floating garden, kelp factory, shopping mall, and all around waterworld. We're not water inclined people - we swim like old turtles and neither of us could catch fish in a barrel - however, we once thought about buying a waterbed so maybe a lake could keep our interest for a short time.
Inle Lake: hydrogardens, stilt villages, canals, and drifting zedis, many people visit Inle Lake and float around for a few days; that's our plan too.
Women monks are required to hide their femininity by binding their breasts and shaving their heads. To prevent a sexual identity crisis, they wear pink.
Local crafts survive at Inle Lake. Women weave cloth from lotus plant fibers.