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December 2, 2003

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We wander up the coast to Galle, Sri Lanka's most important port city. Some Biblical scholars claim this is Tarshish, but were not educated enough to know what that is so were not excited about it. A Dutch fort, built in 1663, surrounds Galle's promontory and overawes the old town. A few Dutch houses, museums, and churches continue the flow of history.
Stilt fishermen resist technology; they don't use nets. The pole is firmly embedded in coral near the shoreline. Pole positions pass down from father to son.
Sri Lanka's national sport is cricket. The single remnant of colonialism for which the Sri Lankan's are grateful. We see people playing pick up games everywhere, and this week the English National Team plays Sri Lanka's best squad at Galle stadium. Climb the fort walls and you can enjoy free viewing.
Cricket test matches last for 5 days. This one ended in a draw. Can you believe it - five days and spectators ended up with a tied match?! And people complain that baseball is too slow.
No pancake houses stand as reminders of Dutch colonialism but there is this fort.