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Budget for Central and South America (US $)

This budget is not shoestring. The average daily cost includes accommodation, food, transportation, site entries and all miscellaneous expenses for two people. Accommodation consisted of inexpensive hotels, hostels or campsites. We averaged one restaurant meal per day (the rest bought in grocery stores, deli shops, street vendors). We traveled by bus, train, shared taxi, or hitch hiking. Other travelers could save an additional 10-20% by staying outside of town, staying longer in one location, or eating and sleeping at the cheapest places.
Belize $95 per day
You could spend less but you wouldn't be doing much. Activities cost a lot in Belize - snorkeling, fishing, diving, etc.
Guatemala $60 per day Our average cost is high because we hired private tutors to learn Spanish.
Honduras $45 per day
A more affordable Central American country.
El Salvador $40 per day
If you can get over the $10 for a tourist card, it's an inexpensive country.
Nicaragua $33 per day
Best for the money in the region.
Costa Rica $78 per day
If you're not spending money in Costa Rica then you aren't having fun..
Panama $40 per day This is a budget for Panama City.
Ecuador $46 per day This includes money spent at the markets. Ecuador is a great place to shop. If you are not a shopper - it would be around $35 per day living well.
  Galapagos $215 per day per person We went first class and it was worth every cent. We took a 7 day cruise on the Heritage. This includes the $350 round trip flight to Galapagos from Quito.
Peru $80 per day Our daily budget is high because we joined tours. Inca Trail (currently you must have a guide), Nasca flight, Iquitos/Amazon 6 day cruise, etc.
Brazil $40-60 per day This can be lower if you pay hammock fare along the Amazon (for one section we upgraded to a cabin). The Amazon portion of our trip averaged $40 per day. Rio, Brasilia and the southern coast averaged $60 per day.