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Budget for Africa (US $)

This budget is not shoestring. The average daily cost includes accommodation, food, transportation, site entries and all miscellaneous expenses for two people. We blew up the budget when we used safari companies. Daily costs include park fees ($25-$30 per day, per person) and campsites at parks ($10 per night per person). Other accommodation consisted of cheap hotels, hostels or campsites. We averaged one restaurant meal per day (the rest bought in grocery stores, deli shops, street vendors). We traveled by bus, train, shared taxi, or hitch hiking. Other travelers could save an additional 10-20% by staying outside of town, staying longer in one location, or eating and sleeping at the cheapest places.
South Africa $100 per day
We rented a car for $10-15 per day. We stayed in Kruger National park at campsites and used the rental car on self-drive, self-guided safaris.
Madagascar $38 per day Interior flights cost between $50-$250. Accomodation ranges from $2 - $100 - getting what you pay for. Public parks charge $8 per person plus guide fees.
Zambia $58 per day
We stayed in Flat Dogs Campsite in South Luanga NP. $5 per person to camp (elephants every morning and night around our tent), pool, and decent restaurant. Park fees and guides cost $30 per day.
Malawi $16 per day
If you can get over the $10 for a tourist card, it's an inexpensive country.
Tanzania $48 per day
Excluding high end safaris, Tanzania offers good deals out West. It's off the beaten track, so you may have to hitchhike to reach some of these places like Katavi National Park.
Western Africa $150 per day
We did this trip on an Overland truck. See more details on Tour Companies.
  Eastern Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) $50-600 per day Highend safaris that cost up to $300 per person per day, exceedingly expensive, incredible experiences. See more on Tour Companies.