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August 30, 2003

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Typical day in the bush...
Kjell looking for rhino,
Wes listening for bird calls,
and Jill trying to get some rest anyplace she can.
Rhinos carry bad tempers. This morning we tracked a large male over many kilometers, three hours under the sun, until we caught up to him resting on the ground. The wind changed. It smelled us and jumped onto its feet, but because rhinos have terrible eyesight, it couldn't fix our position. Our scout whispered something, the rhino heard the noise and charged straight towards Kjell and Jill. In a flash it closed to within 20 feet before the scout caused it to change direction by rapping his gun. Before anyone could breath the rhino had crashed away thru the bushes.
How do you stop a charging rhino? Take away its credit card.