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August 18, 2003

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For another day we explored the vast plains of the Serengeti. We find a lot of lions eating their prey which makes this a day of carnage....
We found a dead female zebra who must have escaped her killers only to die of the wounds shortly thereafter. A few minutes later the lions arrived. They must have had a real battle killing this zebra because one lioness was missing her tail, still bleeding from the fight. We guess that the zebra stallion tried to defend his mate by biting the lion's tail off.
Guess who's coming to dinner.
Falling asleep at the buffet table.
Kjell looks stressed because: (a) He misses Stacey (b) Buffalos are looking over his shoulder (c) The buffalos remind him of his in-laws. The correct answer must be "a."
Typical animal sighting. Jill says: "Look, a bird!" Wes: "Wow, they're are a lot of them" (searching for the bird book). Kjell: "What's that smell?" Our guide (polite, exasperated): "There's a 600 pound lion eating a 1500 pound dead buffalo." Wes, Jill, and Kjell: "Where?"
Vultures claim the leftovers