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April 12, 2003

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It's easy to find the right roads around Belize because so few exist. The country's highway system consists of only three fully paved roads. We take the northern route because we want to visit secluded Mayan ruins. The best way to these ruins takes us off-road on a 2 hour river boat ride up a winding, mangrove lined stream (the New River) into a jungle. At the end of it we find Lamanai, a lost Mayan city.
Lamanai, the most impressive site in Northern Belize, means 'submerged crocodile.' The ruins sit on the edge of the New River Lagoon (yes, you do see crocodiles here). The Mayan's flourished at this ceremonial site and built these buildings in the period from 800 to 600 BC.
For tourists, the best part about Lamanai is the lack of other tourists or supervision - it's okay to climb around the ruins and hangout like the monkeys.
The black howler monkey only lives in Belize. Their howls enliven the jungle and create a perfect atmosphere for Mayan ruin exploration.