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April 11, 2003

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What is the last thing you would expect to do in Belize City? How about take a computer certification test? Downtown, next to a taco stand, a nondescript building serves as a test center for computer people. I re-established my Cisco CCIE status after passing a two hour exam and I'll probably need it for the job market when this trip is over (but enough thinking about that).
Belize's population may be less than most American cities, but it is still diverse. Creoles, descendents of British pirates mixing with African slaves, comprise the largest ethnic group. Next are the mestizos, or persons of mixed European and Central American Indian. Then the Mayans, Garifuna (or Black Caribs), European and North American expats, Chinese, and Asian Indians. The group shown here are Mennonites, a strict Christian religious sect most notable for not using modern machinery. They have settled all over Belize and become an important part of the nation's economy, contributing a significant percentage of the country's agricultural output (and they farm the old fashioned way).