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September 15, 2002

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Odesa doesn't resemble anything we imagined from reading spy novels. In those books Odesa served as the gateway to the Iron Curtain. Today this city acts as Ukraine's largest commercial port, a magnet of Black Sea shipping, and it's still a hotbed of black market activity. Far from dark, rainy, and sinister, Odesa creates a park-like atmosphere with leafy, tree-lined boulevards. The city showcases many fanciful 19th buildings. Breezes carry cool air from the Black Sea, a comfortable 20 Celsius, and every five minutes a wedding party appears on the main promenade overlooking the harbor. Don't miss Odesa.
Even though this is Ukrainian territory, the predominant language in Odesa is Russian. Maybe we should use the Russian spelling, 'Odessa,' rather than the Ukrainian 'Odesa.'
Potemkin Steps, symbol of Odesa. The Russian movie, Battleship Potemkin, made this site famous from a massacre scene which ends with an baby pram bouncing down these 192 steps. The film was considered too provocative and suffered under one of the longest bans in film history.
Trade a bottle of brandy for souvenirs.
People say Eastern Europe doesn't offer enough variety. Not so when it comes to beer.