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November 30, 2002

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What can you see on a nine hour ride from Georgia into Armenia? Stork nests sitting atop telephone poles, sod covering roofs (do they mow the roof?), and women crossing an icy pond to fetch water from openings. These women carried buckets, with ungloved hands made red from stinging wind, back to their homes - appreciate plumbing if you have it. The border posts were shacks on the barren, frost covered hills. They looked surprised to see foreigners (if not at a border post, where else?) and they treated us well by stamping our passports and sending us off with a few chocolates.
The bus out of Georgia, standing room only unless your a goat.
At this forgotten borderpost between Armenia and Georgia, a small green shack and some bored guards. "Take a picture, drink some coffee, and please, stay awhile!"